Episode 50: Podcast Changes/New Format

January 21, 2019

Film fans: the time has come...Quality Check is joining a network: The Studio DNA Network! Here's a heads up on the changes and what you can expect from our new episode.

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Thank you fans!


Episode 49: Quality Check - Vice, Bumblebee, Bird Box

January 6, 2019

Happy New Year film fans! Your QC boys kick off their first 2019 episode by chatting about three movies. 

Daniel & Drew start with the "Loves It/Hates It" segment, where they explain whether they love or hate the trailers for "Happy Death Day 2U," "Slut in a Good Way," and "Us." 

The first film the boys talk about is "Vice" (09:04), after they spent New Years morning in the theater watching Adam McKay's new political biopic on Dick Cheney. 

The second film is "Bumblebee" (19:33) a film both of the boys weren't originally sold on seeing, but strong word of mouth and critical praise persuaded them to see this "Transformers" prequel. Drew's girlfriend, Lexi, also makes her debut appearance by talking about something she couldn't quite get over while watching Bumblebee and a little something called the Steinfeld Slap (32:54).

Lastly, do we watch streaming movies different than how we watch movies that are released in the theater? That's a major point of discussion for them while they chat about Netflix's new original film, "Bird Box" (48:54).


EXTRA: Happy Holidays from The QC

December 24, 2018

A special message from your QC crew and a holiday recommendation for your and your family if you're looking for something new to watch for the holidays. 


Episode 48: Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse + Aquaman

December 22, 2018

Superhero showdown. No, not really.. but Daniel and Drew discuss two big movies sweeping the box office. The new animated classic "Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse" (15:28) and "Aquaman" (39:00), the latest entry in the embattled DCEU. If you thought "Aquaman" had some bad needle drops, wait until you hear what we've got in store for listeners.

Stinky heroes, missing Zack Snyder and why a win won't save Sony from screwing up Spider-Man.

Plus a new feature called Loves It/Hates It and an update on the highly contested Rotten Tomatoes Game. We lock in scores for four more movies.



Episode 47: Quality Check - True Detective Season 3 & The Mule

December 19, 2018

A combo pack episode: we discuss a TV show AND a movie! Drew and Daniel attended an early screening of the HBO crime anthology series, True Detective, one month ahead of the Season 3 premiere. The boys discuss what they thought about the first two episodes of the show with minor spoilers.

Daniel introduces a new segment (at 17:36), "Ask Dad," where he interviewed his father just minutes after leaving the screening for Clint Eastwood's latest, "The Mule." They give their initial reactions with one zany "which would you rather" question.

Then, Drew and Daniel dive into "The Mule," (20:51) discussing what threw them off about their overall thoughts upon leaving the theater and how it compares to the Hollywood icon's large body of film work. 

Lastly, an update on the Rotten Tomatoes Game (01:07:33) and why it's taking a turn they didn't expect.


Episode 46: Mission: Impossible - Fallout + Hereditary plus Fall Movie Season Recap & the Rotten Tomatoes Game

December 8, 2018

Episode 46 is a sequel of sorts to our Grab Bag episode. This week we talked about the Tom Cruise blockbuster Mission: Impossible - Fallout and the divisive horror hit Hereditary. Hail, Paemon! 😈

Plus a Fall Movie Season recap and the popular Rotten Tomatoes game is resurrected with a competitive twist.


Episode 45: Pass the Tin Tin - Rocky/Creed Franchise

November 25, 2018

With the new release of Creed 2, Daniel and Drew enter the ring with Andy Karr from the Springfood, MO podcast to discuss everything Rocky/Creed.

Pass the Tin Tin is another new format for the show, in which your QC crew and guest draw random questions from a tin cup, in which all questions relate to the Rocky universe.

From ranking the Rocky and Creed films to discussing which characters from the franchise would be the best fighters to have in your corner during a brawl, your QC boys go 15 rounds -- 15 questions.


Ding, ding!


Episode 44: Quality Check - Grab Bag Summer Edition

November 11, 2018

Daniel and Drew try an all-new format in which they recap all of the movies they've seen since the summer movie season began this year. They're joined by Survivor: Table Rock Lake host, Spencer Ernst, and they're asked a series of random questions from viewers and each other including their favorite film, least favorite film, and many more.


Episode 43: Quality Check - Halloween (2018)

October 30, 2018

Your QC crew returns to talk about the return of Michael Myers, otherwise known as The Shape. Before David Gordon Green started on the new Halloween (2018), he asked for John Carpenter, the creator of the iconic horror film and characters, his blessing, and now we’re blessed with this film.

The Shape, or Drew, and Daniel discuss how the 11th entry to this series stacks up to other films in the franchise.

You’ll also notice some amazing needle drops to John Carpenter’s soundtrack in this episode…all rights belong to the movie icon, his son Cody, and Daniel Davies. Thank you for putting out such an amazing score.


Episode 42: Quality Check - Ready Player One

April 3, 2018

Hungry for a taste of nostalgia, Daniel and Drew dive into the OASIS.

On this week's episode of Quality Check, we discuss the new Steven Spielberg fantasy, Ready Player One.

Spoiler Alert -- it's not Spielberg's worst movie. Sorry, internet.

We also fire off a round of Rapid Questions and make our Rotten Tomatoes score predictions for the new Jim Halpert thriller, A Quiet Place and Rampage -- you know, that movie where Dwayne Johnson has sex with a giant monkey.

Also -- Daniel finds unexpected love in Virtual Reality.